Roblox Hacks Explained

We would like to present our Roblox Hack, below we will show you how to get free Robux. We can understand the pressure from the Roblox community to buy cool items, as we too have been a victim. Items costing real money can be a burden on yourselves or parents who pay on your behalf… if only there was an easier way?

I will explain to you below how to get a Robux hack, and explain why our Roblox hack is superior to others found online. Searching online for “free robux” will return many results, some of which are likely to be fake, malicious or a combination of both. Many so called hacks will require you to turn off anti-virus, or download suspicious files in hopes of sealing your Roblox account. We decided to put a stop to this, and are proud to present a well made example for you to enjoy, for free!

Feel free to share this site with anyone who plays Roblox – we have worked hard to bring this robux generator to market, and would really appreciate the share.

How do I Generate Robux?

To get started, click on the button labeled "Generate Now". You will see a page where you can enter your Username/Email address associated with your account, the platform you play on, and the amount of Robux you would like applied to your account. Enter all of the applicable information, and click the red "Generate" button below. You will now see the generator working, with a percentage bar to indicate progress. Sometimes the site does experience high traffic, so time will vary but in our experience it shouldn't take longer than 20-30 seconds. Once this has completed, press the red "Verify" button and follow the onscreen steps. This usually takes 20-30 seconds, and just ensures you aren't a Roblox employee or a robot reselling out services - as we never charge for what we provide.

You will now be able to login and see the Robux in your account, if you were already logged in when using our Robux Generator, don't worry. All you need to do, is sign out and sign back in to see the Robux in your account. Have fun! Don't forget to share this with your friends, we appreciate all of your kind words and plan to give back to all of you that have supported us!


Why use you for a Robux Hack?

  • Our generator can be used by anyone at any time, and have so far been operational 100% of the time! There are no downloads needed to use our roblox hack, therefore can be used by anyone in any location – all you will need is a stable internet connection, for around 30 seconds. It really is that simple!
  • We have a full team patching and updating this generator to ensure it stays working. A lot of resources and time are needed in order to keep a robux generator active, considering the size of the Roblox community and Roblox trying to prevent members from getting free robux. When hacks are working, they can last from minutes to days, which makes it important to use these hacks when you can. Our team is very productive, and monitors operations (as well as your chat requests) 24/7, but we can only provide 100% uptime for so long.
  • We use proxies to ensure your accounts will be safe. Many generators claim they use “proxies”, but use the same pool of IP Addresses for every user of their generator. We use unique IP’s for every user that completes verification, to ensure this roblox hack remains undetectable. Your account security is our top priority, so we ensure testing and reviews are taken daily.
  • Who doesn’t like free stuff? We origionally developed this hack due to the pressure of in game transactions. If you don’t have a lot of disposable income it can be difficult to keep up with friends, and really holds back on the full potential of Roblox. If you still aren't certain, you can Contact Us at anytime!
Roblox Hack With Proof

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a game aimed at individuals under 18, however it isn't uncommon for people over 18 to play the game too. Roblox is based on user generated content, everything from avatar accessories to player made games! You can create ingame items using a scripting language called Lua, which helps individuals who play the game be more creative as well as learning a real life skill. As it's common for players to be young, there are many safety measures in place (even more so for under 12's. However the game is still enjoyable, and allows you to create anything your heart desires, whilst

I’ve been told you can’t get free Robux

Nobody would share their own method to get free Robux, as the more people who know about a Roblox hack means it’s more likely to stop working. They also wouldn’t want to get their account banned by admitting this, as it would be hard for Roblox to ignore. Furthermore it would also be in Roblox best interest to hide how to get free Robux, and discourage you to use a robux generator as this is one of the ways they make their income.


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    Your blog is awesome!

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    I agree, can't believe the amount of free Robux I have now. Insane!!

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    Shout out to you can't believe this is real. All my friends are calling me a liar, idiots

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